Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Urban Perk #4: Ryoji Ikeda's "Spectra"

Afternoon Everyone,

First of all I would just like to say that the
winner of the Pixies' Doolittle poster is:
Thank you to everyone else who entered, there are some
more competitions on the way!

Secondly I would like to talk about something I found
So my Dad and I were leaving the cinema
after seeing Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (which
I highly recommend!) when we saw a beam of light
shining up from the ground and onto the low clouds.
We decided to find out what it was and so we spent
the next 20 minutes or so tracking it down in our
clunky old VW. 

At first we thought it was coming from the Imperial
War Museum because as many of you know, yesterday was the
centenary of the First World War.
But driving towards the light we worked out that it was
in the wrong part of London. When we got closer we saw that
this was not one small light, but about 50 of them
beaming towards the heavens.

Upon entering (for free) the Victoria Tower 
Gardens you see these beautiful lights shining bright
and with purpose. On closer inspection people are walking in
and out the columns of light or lying on the floor and 
gazing up at the spectacular sightA stunning atmosphere 
is created through an ambient soundtrack that swirls from the speakers and into your mind.

Inspired by the declaration "the lamps are going out all over Europe, 
we shall not see them lit again in our life-time",
said by Sir Edward Grey*, spectra is a stunning piece 
of art that unites the people across London and reminds
them of the hardships and sacrifices of the 
First World War.

spectra can be seen from 12 miles away (on a clear day).
The exhibition is on from dusk till dawn 
and will permanently fade out in the early hours of
 Monday 11th August.

Lest we forget,
Poppy x

*Sir Edward Grey was the Foreign Secretary during the 
outbreak of WWI

Friday, 1 August 2014

Interview with King Eider!

Hello People,

So the other day I was listening to a band doing a 
session for BBC London, I was captivated by their
combination of folk and rock as well as their
brilliant use of the violin and horn.

King eider are a five piece 'Edinburgh-based folk-blues band'
who use three part harmonies to create haunting and 
atmospheric music. They have been compared to the soulful
acoustics of Ben Howard and the foot stomping wildness of Arcade Fire. This is one of their latest songs 'Drink Me Dry'

And so I did what I do with bands that I listen to and love;
I got an interview with them!
Without further ado here is my interview with...
King Eider

1. Could you introduce yourselves and your instruments?
Reuben Tighe - Vocals,Guitar, Harmonica
Sam Chapman - Vocals, Drums,
Lucy Frankel - Vocals, Violin
Josh Casali-Bell Linemann - Vocals, Keys, Horn
Sam Palmer - Bass Guitar

2.Who are you influenced by and how did you discover 
your "sound"?
Our influences span a spectrum of genres and decades. 
Lucy listens to a lot of traditional country and bluegrass. 
Reuben takes influences from his mothers CD collection of 60's blues and rock and roll. Sam brings in more modern influences 
such as Arcade Fire and The Wild Beasts. We share our music
taste so that all of them influence our music 
to some degree.

3.When did you form as King Eider - what made you choose 
the name?!
We formed Early 2012, and were originally named "Zopa and the Shakes" (after Reuben's middle name). After deciding a name change was in order, we decided on King Eider. We were in an ale pub drinking a beer named "YellowHammer", (also the name for a bird native to the UK) and decided we liked the name. Since this was already a popular band name, we decided to research all other UK bird names. It transpires that the King Eider duck is a bird which migrates to the lake district every year, which is home to Reuben, Sam Chapman, and Josh, so the name seemed a good fit!

4. Describe your music in five words.

5. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to
you before/after a gig?
Some one from the front row recently took his top off and 
attempted to lactate onto Lucy's shoes. That was pretty weird,
and somewhat aggressive...

6. State a fact that people don't know about you.
Two of us have Science PHD's

7. What are the top 4 songs on your playlist right now?
Wild Beasts - this is our lot
The Whitest Boy Alive - Islands
Supertramp - Bloody Well Right
Grizzly Bear - Ready,Able

8. What is the first album you remember buying?
 The first album which really had a musical impact on me was Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, self titled album. Peter Green still remains a big influence on me, the man is a genius.

9. Modern or Vintage Clothing? 
 No clothing is best.

10. What are you plans for the future?
After making the most of our album release, we intend to 
record a 4 track EP. We have been working on some new material
which we are excited to record, and intend to release it
some point early next year. Stay Tuned!

If you like the sound of King Eider then you can head to their
website here and check them out.

So long for now,
Poppy xx

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Urban Perk #3: Street-Feast @ Lewisham

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently but
my summer holidays started yesterday so I
should have some more time on my hands to
post now.

Last weekend was spent at the
lovely Latitude Festival in Suffolk.
I'll be posting about the festival once my 
photos are developed!I saw so many great
acts from headliners; Lily Allen and
 Bombay Bicycle Club to under-the-radar bands
like Spring King and Parquet Courts.
So keep a look out!

Today I wanted to tell you about another
perk of living in the city which is
Street Feast London who have various feasts
around new and upcoming locations in London.
I recently went to one in Lewisham (which I have
been told is now nicknamed 'Newisham'), it is set in
the abandoned 1950s Model Market which is
rough and rustic.

To get in, you're probably going to have to queue for a
while, unless you get there quite early.
Upon entering the market you are greeted by a walkway of run
down records shops, dry cleaners and takeaway branches
but when you look in you can see that they are being
 occupied by passionate foodies...

Smoke swirls out from SmokeStak BBQ where I swear they
serve some of the best ribs in London! On the menu there 
is smoked beef or pork ribs - although they are quite 
pricey you get what you pay for in quality and
even quantity! The shop itself has plaster walls,
a make do seating area, an open kitchen and a very
lovely order taking lady. I highly recommend!

Afterwards, I found this place called Yum Bun.
I had heard of Yum Bun from a breakfast show and
was happily surprised when I saw them at the feast
- the food looked incredible and simple too!
Yum Bun are famous for their soft steamed buns with a 
selection of fillings: pulled pork, fish, chicken, salmon or 
Theses beautiful buns are great as a light snack
and are perfect for munching on the street.
 I ordered the Pulled Pork bun and it was amazing; the bun
light and fluffy whilst the pork sweet and tender!

Not only does it have great food and drink but a lovely
atmosphere too! There area few eating areas which are located
in shabby shops decorated with make-do furniture. However,
the main eating place is right in the centre of the market
complete with a bar, loud music, fairy lights and even
a TV! 

And just to top off a wonderful evening, there are a variety
of desserts to choose from. I chose the brownies from
the South East Brownie Bar who had a great selection of
flavours; Peanut Butter, Oreo, Mojito and loads more!
With the help of the friendly Brownieman I was able
to choose 5 miniature brownies to go; Oreo,
Salted Caramel x2, Mojito and Peanut Butter. 
And they were absolutely incredible!!

So, if you're looking for something to do or you're
feeling hungry head to Lewisham's Model Market for 
some lovely food, people and music. 
Street Feast is open from 20th June to 27th September
every Friday and Saturday from 6pm till late. 

Happy Feasting,

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

The Rise of Scandinavian Sound

Evening Everyone,

I'm very glad with the number of entries for my
Pixies Poster competition - the winner will be 
announced soon.

So recently, I was flicking through my playlist when
I realized how many Scandinavian artists I had on there.
I was then talking to my friends who were also very interested
in a number of Danish and Swedish artists. 
I've found this quite interesting and where better to talk
about it than here? 
(Don't go yet - I promise not to talk about ABBA!)

It all started with Bjork (although she is Icelandic)
with her 1993 album 'Debut' she rose from the crowd
like a bubble in a coke can. Her beautiful lyrics and
electronic pop opened the gateway for a new era of pop music.
Combining house, jazz and trip-hop she went on to be one of
the biggest artists of her time - and still is!
Listen To: 'Come to Me' & 'Hyperballad'
Closely following Bjork were Swedish band The Cardigans.
The Cardigans leaped to fame when their song 'Lovefool'
was featured in the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet.
Their album Life, released in 1995, was produced by
Tore Johansson who also went to produce music for Franz
Ferdinand and Wild Beasts. 

I'm not going to be able to name every artist that has
ever come out of the Scandinavian scene but now there seem 
to be more than ever!
You've got Robyn, who first appeared in the 90s after her hit single "Do you know", MO, The Majority Says and Royksopp just
to name a few!
Although Icelandic, Of Monsters and Men are also a
mainstream band that have paved the way for more
indie pop/rock bands to follow.

One of my favourites is MO (the O has a line through it)
who I discovered a few months back on YouTube.
Her music has strong electropop notes, deep vocals and 
almost jazzy undercurrents (which can be heard in 'Don't Wanna Dance' and 'Say You'll be There') that have been 
compared to the likes of Grimes and 
Twin Shadow.

Robyn has also made a comeback to the pop world with
Norwegian duo Royksopp and their song 'Do It Again'.
The song is a combination of house and triphop, similar to 
Bjork, and has been described as "joyously addictive" 
and "booming" Do It Again, released in May 2014, peaked 
at number 3 in the UK Indie Albums chart.

It would seem to me that the Scandinavian and Icelandic
music scene is returning stronger than ever, this time
it is here to stay. So keep a look out!

Thank you for the music,
Poppy x

Monday, 16 June 2014

Win a Pixies Screen Print!

Hey Everyone,

So, I was recently given a screen print of 
The Pixies' Doolittle album and thought that I 
would make a competition out of it! 
I have created the competition through 'Rafflecopter'
so there's no spam or dodgy stuff (:

Here is a picture of the poster:

The background is an olive-blue colour and
has been printed with matte gold paint.
A brilliant poster that will look good in any office or
home - if you don't like it your parents might? 

About Doolittle
Doolittle was The Pixies' second album and was released in
1989 on 4AD. It went on to chart at #8 in the UK album 
charts and received brilliant reviews from 
critics and magazines. 'Debaser', 'Here Comes Your
Man' and 'Mokey Gone to Heaven' were all released as singles-
 it was The Pixies' first album that had a major impact 
on the charts and the music industry. 

The competition will start at 6pm tomorrow so if you'd 
like to enter follow this link to my facebook page 
where you can enter:

Good Luck,
Poppy x

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

If I Could Pick Any Song......

It would be......

Stay High (Habits Remix)
Tove Lo ft. Hippie Sabotage

Bio: Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, aka Tove Lo,
is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter as well as musician.
At 26, she has released her first EP 'Truth Serum'
and has written songs for many artists including
Icona Pop. The Stay High habits remix charted at
number 6 in the UK. 

I was recommended this song by a friend and at
first I wasn't sure about it. But after hearing it for 
the second time, I ironically became addicted.

It starts with an intriguingly repetitive
'Oh-oh' and after 15 seconds launches into an intense
beat. The lyrics are remixed to repeat and bounce around
the inside of your head - truly amazing stuff!
Tove Lo sings with desperation at needing
'something to numb the pain'. 
You can feel the hurt.

There's also the original version which is just as good but
has a slower tempo and smaller beat although the lyrics are 
just as smart and quirky (I eat my dinner in my bathtub/
then I go to sex clubs)

Crazy, I know!
Have a good evening,
Poppy x

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My top 5 Film Soundtracks

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been posting for
a while, I've been doing my exams!
But today I am returning with one of my 
favorite posts so far:
"My Top 5 Film Soundtracks"

Whilst listening to Karen O & the Kids,
I was inspired by the wonderful soundtrack that
she created for Where The Wild Things Are.
One of my all-time favorite films! 
And here I am now, writing up my idea 
for you.

(Counting down)

5) Moonrise Kingdom
Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat
A quirky and wistful collection of scores
to match the bittersweet directing by
Wes Anderson. Percussion and brass dominate the
delightful tracks creating a sense of innocence
and child-like imagination. Also included in the 
album is 'Le temps de l'amour' by Francoise Hardy
adding even more magic to the film and 

Try: 'Le temps de l'amour' by Francoise Hardy, The Heroic
weather conditions of the Universe Part 1: A veiled mist
by Alexandre Desplat

4)(500) Days of Summer
Soundtrack by Various Artists
A unique mix of indie, electronic and
alternative songs including covers of The Smiths
and Pixies by beautiful small time bands.
Song include 'Sweet Disposition' by Temper Trap,
'Mushaboom' by Feist and 'There Goes the Fear' by
Doves. The songs match ongoing themes throughout the
film and tells the story of a happy-go-lucky

Try: 'She's got you high' by Mumm-ra, 'Here Comes your
Man' by Meaghan Smith

3) The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Soundtrack by Various Artists
The first song to blast through the speakers is 
'Wake Up' by Arcade Fire, probably my most favorite
song ever! Soon more uplifting songs are headed your
way; 'Dirty Paws' by Of Monsters and Men, 'Lake
Michigan' by Rogue Wave and a handful by Jose Gonzales.
The songs are insightful, inspiring and earnest yet slightly
melancholy. If you need a bit of fuel to get you through
the day then this soundtrack is for you!

Try: 'Escape' by Jack Johnson, 'Dirty Paws' by Of
Monsters and Men, 'Far Away' by Junip

2) Where the Wild Things Are
Soundtrack by Karen O and the Kids

Karen O, lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, leads
the band with her raw and touching vocals. Shouts of
"Let the wild rumpus start!" and whispers of story telling
play throughout many of the songs. Harmonies, strange
lyrics and soaring legatos feature in this incredible
masterpiece that fills the room with child-like wonder.
I could listen to this all day long!

Try:'All is Love', 'Capsize', 'Rumpus Reprise' all by
Karen O and the Kids

1) The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Soundtrack by Various Artists
My first choice was probably very obvious but
inevitable. Classic songs of rebirth and joy plaster
a smile across any listeners' face. They may not be
underground artists but that doesn't change a thing;
David Bowie, Dexy's Midnight Runners and The Cocteau
Twins all have brilliant tracks included. 
I love how Dexy's Midnight Runners' 'Come on
Eileen' plays during Charlie's awkward (and adorable)
dancing scene - if you haven't seen the film go and 
watch it! A fantastic collection.

Try: 'Asleep' By The Smiths, 'Heroes' by David Bowie, 
'Pearly Dew-Drops' Drop' by The Cocteau Twins


Let me know what your favorite Film Soundtrack is
in the comment box below! 

Coming Soon: An interview with band My Sad Captains,
singer Ezra Furman and a competition.

See you soon,
Poppy x

Monday, 28 April 2014

Part II of Interview with The Majority Says

Hey All,

I hope you had a nice weekend.
I wanted you all to hear this song that I
recently discovered (although it is
from a few years back):

"Wake Up" by Arcade Fire
From the album 'Funeral'
It's this really beautiful song that reminds me
of camping in the summertime (idk why!), it was 
also used on the trailer for Where The Wild
Things Are which might help you to understand the
style of the song if you haven't heard it before.
It starts off as this strong rock sound but with soft, angelic melodies. And just when you think it's
going to do one thing it changes into a joyful, 
upbeat rhythm.
It's totally crazy but amazing!!

Next, is Part II of my interview with Swedish 
band The Majority Says

6. In 5 words describe your music.
 I’ll write six words here, since we’re 6 ;) (Whoops!)
Youthful, Playful, Mixed, Melancholy, Ploj, Epic.

7. What is the weirdest thing that has happened whilst performing or before/after a gig? 
Emil locked himself in the tour bus once by accident, we looked for him everywhere and he had 
no cell phone so we could not call him, he showed up just a minute before we should enter 
the stage, that was kinda weird actually. 

8. Have any of you got any strange hobbies or habits?I think we’re all kinda normal, myself (Axel), I’m into computers and programming and such, 
don’t know if that’s so strange though. We all try to do things we like, you know, it may 
vary from day to day.

9. Cinnamon Rolls or Princess Cake? 
Princess cake ofc.

10. Lastly, what are your plans for the future? Are you playing any gigs in Europe soon? 
 We’re releasing a new album in June, we hope to play the songs off it as much as possible of course. 
We’re going to Europe this summer to play, we’ll be doing shows from late May to November (both in 
Sweden and Europe), we hope to meet as many new people as possible and have as 
much fun as possible!

If you would like to see a sneak-peek of their album
material, follow this link to hear some of their new
song "Calling Your Name" 

This weekend, I'm going to Brixham with my
two friends so I won't be able to post but
I'll try and schedule one in for you ;)

Song recommendations, reviews and interviews
coming soon! 

Poppy x

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Part I of Interview with The Majority Says

Hi All,

Here is Part I of my interview with The
Majority Says. You may not have heard of them before
but you might recognise them from the Lidl christmas
ad jingle "All these little things"

1.Could you please introduce yourselves and your instrument? 
 We’re the Majority Says, I'm Axel, I play the bass, Timo plays the keys, Jonathan and Emil plays
 the guitar and Mathias the Drums. As you may know, Hanna does the lead vocals, all of the 
guys try to sing as much as we can as well, making nice 
harmonies and such, you know.

2. Where do you call "Home"? 
For now I think we all call Sweden home, something tells me we always will, we love getting back to 
Sweden, but we also like being on tour of course, Germany is a favorite.

3. What inspired you to name yourself "The Majority Says"?
Actually we just wanted to have a cool name, no real story behind it. We wanted a name that s
tarted with ”the”. Later we’ve found out if you puzzle a bit with the first letter in our first names 
you’ll get ”THE MAJ” Which is kinda cool.

4. How long have you been a band/known each  other?
Together, in this setup we’ve been playing for about 3 years, but some of us have known each 
other since we where kids, Jonathan and Emil have been playing together since 
they where about 12 years old.

5. Where do you find inspiration for your songs? (My favourite is Run Alone)
We find inspiration in many things, many of the songs of our upcoming album are about being 
from a smaller city, relations, being young and such things. We get inspired by
art, music, films & nature.

If you would like to hear some of Majority Says'
sound, I have uploaded a video of their song
"Run Alone"

Her soft voice, their harmonic, male voices and the
sounds of electro-pop form a wonderfully catchy and
uplifting song. A delightfully perky piece, go on- 
give it a go...

Poppy x

Ps. Part II will be available soon